Flagpole Salad
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Flagpole Salad: winners of the 2007 Old Time Band contest
at the Santa Fe Traditional and Bluegrass Music Festival.
The Band:
David Margolin: mostly banjo, occasional fiddle
Jane Phillips: fiddle
Laurie Phillips: mandola
Marc Robert: guitar

Hot off the presses:

"This band plays ... old ... music." -- Clyde Farqhaur, Little Rock Gobbler-Picayune

"I wern't able to set in my chair. You'uns might have better luck."
-- Osgood Beard, Jasper County Journal

"They really kept the elephants away." -- Atsa Goodone, Mustevate Lunch-Herald


Flagpole Salad Stringband playing at La Montanita Co-op 

It's a recipe! It's a family legend! It's a stringband!